In today's society, television has become a big part of our daily life. Inevitably, even today's children under the age of two do nothing but sit and watch TV for hours every day, and they are not even aware of how negatively it affects them. So, what are the harms of watching a child on television? What we need to know is in our news…


- It does not provide any educational advantage for a child under 2 years old. Even worse, it limits the skills of developing your brain, such as interacting and playing with other people.Funny Kids Videos

Watching TV extends the time it takes your child to develop important skills such as language, creativity, motor and social skills. These skills are developed through games, search and chat in the first two years, which is the most critical time in children's brain development. For example, your child's language skills do not improve by listening to television.

Watching television numbs your child's mind because it prevents your child from taking initiative, intellectual struggle, analytical thinking and imagination.

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